Espe Vegan Handbags

Espe began with a simple mission: to create cruelty free, thoughtfully designed handbags at affordable prices.

We are Peta Approved Vegan.

We have never used leather in any of our products, and we don’t plan to.

Compassionately made

We’re an all-vegan company that uses a durable, synthetic leather called poly-urethane (PU-leather) to manufacture our products. All of our designs are curated in house, in our Toronto-based studio, where we watch our ideas and sketches come to fruition. We’re proud to create innovative and fun designs, all without ever harming any animals.

Everything that goes into making your ESPE product is ethically sourced and responsibly made. Our team pays regular visits to our partnering factories in China to safeguard our company values of a safe working environment, fair wages and inclusivity. We stand by our ethical best practices of ensuring quality and integrity every step of the way.

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