CO-LAB is passionate and committed to bringing the best bags to their customers.  We deeply believe in their products that add a positive and cheerful energy to those who carry them.

Founded in 2007, CO-LAB continues to grow and make an impact one person at a time through continued innovation and keeping a close eye on trends.

Looking to the future in a positive and optimistic way, they are committed to sourcing the very best materials and using most responsible, ethical ways to produce their bags and accessories.  Their hope is to ensure a promising future for family, friends and planet.


Quality and durability are important factors when selecting materials for  bags, as well as ethical practices and sustainability with the fabric mills they work with.  Special attention is also given to ensure the minimum amount of trace metals in the materials used.  Their customers appreciate not only the fashion aspect in our product, but the care put into what they wear.


They carry the values they have for their customers to their supply chain.  They hand pick their manufacturing partners who are small factories to ensure that they share the same vision.  Regular visits are made to the factories to oversee continued progress that they strive for year after year.  Their factories must pass their BSCI audit, which is the global standard for business ethics, safety, procedure and hourly wages.

They require that all employees have a safe and sanitary working environment, consisting of the following protocols: no child labor, no forced labor, respectful treatment of all employees, as well as breaks throughout the day for light exercise and meals.

All their partners comply with the strict and ever-increasing wage minimums to ensure that all employees are paid fairly and any overtime is compensated. 


Polyurethane (P.U.) / Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

These materials are very durable.  To remove any dirt, we recommend a drop of dish soap with a little water; gently wipe the area and allow to air dry.

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